Monday, 8 April 2013

A unique blog and a unique writer

Hello and welcome to the blog, Chelsea fans. You may be asking yourselves: “Aside from the spectacular name, why should I read anything written on From A to Zola? What makes it better than any other Chelsea blog?” That is a shrewd and totally warranted question; so let me attempt to give you an answer. From A to Zola (FATZ*, if you’re into abbreviations) aims to change the game. We want to offer Chelsea fans a totally different outlook on what it means to support the club. We won’t pander to our readers (Hi, mom!) by writing about the things you have seen a thousand times. We will offer new, incisive, rich content unseen anywhere else on the internet. With FATZ, Chelsea blogging has been reborn. With that said, let’s talk about Torres and how bad he’s been.

*Personally, I wanted the name of the blog to be RAFA (Roman Abramovich’s Fleeting Army) but that was dismissed right away. Sadly, I don’t have much say around these parts.

As you can see, that entire first paragraph was leading up to a bad joke. Truthfully, we (mostly me) are all here to have fun and we want you to have fun too. I’ll probably be having most of the fun while the other guys take most things super-seriously. Kevin and Rama, especially, are most likely going to be harrying me about submitting articles regularly, not making grammatical errors and writing substantive pieces. But I can’t be tamed. I’m the free sprit among the FATZ staff. My free-spiritedness (MS Word didn’t put the little red, zig-zaggy line under “free-spiritedness” so I’m rolling with it) can most likely be attributed to where I come from. Like Kevin told you in his initial piece, I am Jamaican. Jamaicans are famous for being super-cool and nonchalant; and while I don’t promote stereotypes, I’m certainly very nonchalant. I’ll continue, then, by telling you guys a little bit more about me and how I came to love Chelsea.

I fell in love with Chelsea way back in the day. I was very young and didn’t support a football club as yet but my mother and I shared a passion for football and we were both big Italian fans. In the year 2000, when I was only 11, just before I started high school, we saw a program on television that was all about Zola*. I was totally mesmerized by his play. I never had any interest in club football before that day but when I saw that Chelsea badge on his shirt, the goals he scored, the runs and passes he made and that spectacular smile, I knew this was the club for me. And so it was. My hardcore support for Chelsea wasn’t born until I was 14/15 but had it not been for Zola, I probably would have supported another club (maybe Manchester United like the rest of my family does). Thank you for being amazing, Gianfranco!

*Fitting, isn’t it? Zola made me love Chelsea and now I’m writing for a blog with a name inspired by Zola’s awesomeness. Thank you, Gianfranco!

The other details about me are far less interesting and are not worth a paragraph so I’ll share them in bullet form:

  • I watch a lot of television, movies, anime and I read a lot of manga; so you can expect those references in my blog posts.
  • Kevin, Dan and Rama are kind enough to laugh at my bad jokes; I hope you all do the same.
  • I love music so feel free to share whatever you’re listening to with me.
  • I love new technologies and I’m very pro-Blackberry.
  • I like anything sciency (MS Word struck this time) stuff.

That’s all for now, folks. I promise that my future posts will be much more serious and less boring. Likkle more! (Jamaican slang for "see you later.")